Monday, August 27, 2007

Interweb back!

I apologise for yet another long absence. Apparently I grossly misjudged the price of travertine and had no money left in the coffers to pay for the interweb bill. Thanks once again for the generous donation from the Borgias to keep our humble apostolate running. You and your deceased loved ones shall be in my prayers now.

This Motu business has been causing even more trouble for us. Just yesterday some Neo-Caths wandered into our Sacred Tent/Construction Site, apparently attracted by our choir's magnificent performance of the Gloria. Unfortunately, the rabble-rousers caused quite a ruckus at coffee hour in the future Social Hall (currently located in the deep pit behind the Tent). They were terribly upset for they had mistaken us for the "indult mass" and insisted on going to a heretical Modernist "Mass" since ours "didn't fulfill Sunday Obligation". I also got quite irate as they insisted that the Pope was Catholic. Fortunately Lucrezia--bless her 90-year-old heart--can outrant even the most impudent self-righteous Neo-Cath and they soon fled from our Holy Place.


Ma Beck said...

This is great:
You and your deceased loved ones shall be in my prayers now.

Did you really just call the choir's Gloria a "performance?"
For shame.

Syb Bob said...

Is your Social Hall pit full of mud? I find that the best way to commune with Gaea. Let us pray to the All Harmony that one day the pope will be filled with Gaea and Progress and become the true pope. BTW.... who is "Gloria" and why are you singing to her/im?

Pilgrim said...

Fr. LeJanvier, I know you're very busy battling the NeoCath forces of the Motu, but I've tagged you: