Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our Lady of Knoxville

Having examined the apple brought to me by George, I am officially declaring this an authentic apparition of Our Lady. Surely this portends God's blessings on our humble apostolate.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, a 72-hour MANDATORY period of fasting and prayer shall commence at midnight before the Image. Remember, all TRULY traditional Catholics must believe in the authenticity of this apparition DE FIDE, just like Fatima or Our Lady of the Roses.

A reliquary will be designed for this miraculous Image (pictured below) and will be promenently displayed in the soon-to-be completed chapel.


Father Tim said...

That's pretty cool, Fr. Chad, but that image in the apple looks a lot more like Dorothy Day. She was from New York, and New York is "The Big Apple," so you can see that it's a lot more likely to be Dorothy. You should submit the apple to the people who declare people to be saints.

Rae said...

Fr. Lejanvier, I'd like to tag you for a book meme:


Thank you! (I'm also tagging Fr. Tim.)