Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Bishop Williamson, SSPX has some poignant points to make about how erroneous it is for conciliar Rome to be giving the title "Doctor of the Church" to women. A contention he failed to mention is in the symbology of the biretta, implying the priestly authority of the Church being granted to them. Are we being primed for the introduction of "priestesses"?

Nota bene: the image below may offend SSLI members and benefactors!

Bishop Williamson's interweblog article may be found here. He has accordingly been added to the list of those who proclaim the truthiness of the Truly True Church.


Dad29 said...


I'm sure that Fr. Lejanvier is also opposed to music having its origins in the Anglican or Lutheran tradition...such as anything by J S Bach, or Ralph V Williams....


Therese said...

Fr. Chad,

I have tagged you for a meme. See my blog for details.


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