Saturday, October 6, 2007


While patrolling the interweb for heresies, especially those spread by the perfidious Spirit of Vatican 2 Parish, I stumbled upon this interweblog, "Secrets of Spirit of Vatican 2" which claims that Spirit of Vatican 2 Parish does not really exist. As much as I wish that were true, it simply cannot be the case. How else did I go to seminary with Fr. Plarvik, or participate in their ecumenical picnic? But worst of all, THERE IS SOMEONE PRETENDING TO BE ME!

I asked George, who knows much more about the workings of the interweb than I, being familiar with the complex tubular system that comprises the organ which is similar to the interweb, and he had only one explanation: demons.

Yea, the very APE OF GOD is as we speak trying to destroy Christ's very own TRULY TRUE CHURCH with his LIES AND DECEITS! He has come so much as to the gate. Yet never may he prevail against our TRUTHINESS!

Therefore in light of this, Secrets of SOV2 has been banned, excommunicated, anathemized, and given a complete exorcism. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY ANYONE VISIT SECRETS OF SOV2 LEST HE LOSE HIS IMMORTAL SOUL TO THE DEVIL!

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What is this "javascript:void(0)"? Greek? Syriac? ;-)