Sunday, October 14, 2007

I have been Tagged

1. Do you attend the Traditional Latin Mass or the Novus Ordo?

I attend the One, True Mass: a Traditional Latin Mass celebrated by the Society of Saint Leo I.

2. If you attend the TLM, how far do you drive to get there?

I live in the rectory immediately next to the church, so I walk. I don't even own a car, being made by the apostate scientists of the Modernist Age.

3. If you had to apply a Catholic label to yourself, what would it be?

A member of the One, Truly True Faith: the Society of Saint Leo I.

4. Are you a comment junkie?

That would be a grave sin of vanity. However, comments are very much welcome and appreciated.

5. Do you go back to read the comments on the blogs you’ve commented on?

Certainly. One wants to see the responses to one's messages, no?

6. Have you ever left an anonymous comment on another blog?

Moi? Certainly not!

7. Which blogroll would you most like to be on?

Though perhaps not traditional enough, I would be honored to appear on Archbishop Fellay's interweb links.

8. Which blog is the first one you check?

My nemesis, the interweblog of SOV2, but only to learn of what dastardly deed they are planning next that I may thwart it.

9. Have you met any other bloggers in person?

Only those who were at the Ecumenical Picnic last summer.

10. What are you reading?

Cornelius Otto Jansen, Augustinius

Bonus Question! Has your site been banned by Spirit of Vatican II?

This is true.

If it has, who do you think Father Tim really is?

I have known Fr. Plarvik for many years an I am not so sure he knows who he is himself.

Furthermore, Twisted Valley, the interwebsite that has tagged me with this même, has been deemed not traditional enough and is thus EXCOMMUNICATED from Truly True Church.


Pilgrim said...


the Mom said...

Hey, P. I think you can get yourself double excommunicated just like you got yourself double-banned by SOV2. You might want to keep your enthusiasm to a minimum. Excommunication is serious business involving Eternity, immortal souls, etc.

Just trying to help.
the Mom

Therese said...

Hi Fr. Chad.

Are you going to tag someone else to do this meme?