Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another Apparition

It no longer matters that I did not win the election. After my usual afternoon tea, having tried the leaves sent to me from Vincenzo, I went to pray before Our Lady of Knoxville (the miraculous image on the apple) . And Lo! A heavenly vision appeared before me! And I heard a loud voice speak to me saying, (in Latin, of course: the heavenly language, of which has been translated to the English here): "LeJanvier, thou art my servant. Do not fear the outcome of the Episcopal election. Democracy is an abhorrence to the Kingdom of God; an invention of the Freemasons, perennial enemies of the Church. To thee We hath deemed a much greater vocation."

What my new mission is, I cannot reveal until tomorrow's Dedication. However, I have informed the Borgias by electronic mail, who I need to complete the preparations.

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