Friday, July 6, 2007


Effective immediately, all individuals who have been excommunicated or who have had their interweblog added to the Index Prohibitum are REQUIRED to display the above placard on any and all of their interweb publications. The notice label is designed to warn all who happen upon such interweb locations that extreme heresy and apostasy lie within. Such measures are absolutely necessary so as to ensure the spiritual safety of all those innocent and impressionable souls who wander about the interweb. ANY HERETIC REFUSING TO CORRECTLY EMPLOY THE MONIKER SHALL BE IMMEDIATELY REPORTED TO THE FIRST KNIGHT SUPREME OF THE HOLY KNIGHTS OF THE TRUELY TRUE CHURCH FOR PUNISHMENT.


Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

And I can assure all ye spiritual mountebanks that thine punishment shall be quick, merciless, and fitting the gravity of thy crime. Apply the placard, and spare thine children, and thine children's children, the sorrows and woes of noncompliance.

Any ancillary heretics found quartering, aiding, or abetting these heretic interweb bloggers will be summarily punished via flogging, and incarcerated for a period not exceeding five years.

And if, God forbid, any Truly True Catholic should be observed by the HKTTC visiting or frequenting a blog with the placard, they shall be reported for immediate spiritual interdiction to the priests of the SSLI.

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

Rob said...

Your reverence,

A 'tech' question for you.

How do I put this moniker on my blog without putting it in a post? I still haven't figured this out.

Dad29 said...

Thanks be to the Devil's cunning, my site is not yet interdicted.

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Altar Wine!

Hidden One said...

Rob: From one heretic to another, her'es how to do it with Firefox: right click on that pic and hit 'copy image location'. Then, go to your blog template, which I presume has been updated to the Blogger 2.0 format. Click on 'Add a Page Element', and pick picture. Paste the URL into the appropriate blank, and do what you will.

Hidden One said...

Oh, I hereby claim the dubious honour of being the first commenter to successfully put said badge (of honour) on my blog,

Hidden One said...

PS: If you trimmed the size a little bit, it would fit better.

Rev. Fr. Michael said...

A more interweblog friendly size placard has been placed above the "Index Prohibitum" list. Remember faithful Truely True Catholics, one must be mindful to NEVER visit any of these evil linkages under the PAIN OF MORTAL SIN.

+ Rev. Fr. Michael A. Heidrich +

Rob said...

Hidden One,

I am still on blogger 1.0. I fear new things. Any idea how I insert the picture straight into the old template? Any help would be much appreciated! (We excommunicated folk have to stick together.)

Adoro te Devote said...

Bite me.

I'm completely unrepentant. You have NO AUTHORITY.

YOU repent!

radtradchad said...

Madam, that is what the live alligators are for. *organ chords*

George, would you mind practicing later? Today is not my day. Motu? Bah!

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier

Christina said...

This is certainly a much nicer badge than the one I designed. It looks official and clashes much less with my color scheme. I'll place it on my blog with

Hidden One said...

Rob: Yes. Pretend that you are inserting the picture into a post, then view html. Copy that code into your rpeferred part of the html of your template, and voila.

Hidden One said...

PS: The sidebar-friendly version now sits comfortably in my sidebar. But don't believe me, go see. Oh, and you may like my caption.

Rob said...

Hidden one,

It worked! A million prayers for you!

(Not that my prayers count anymore)

Terrence Berres said...

I've been through a parish long range planning process, with vision statement, mission statement, committee directional statements, (enough to fill a large ring binder) together with listening sessions with parishioners, and meetings with an Archdiocesan consultant. Your Knight's tortures hold no terrors for me.

Rae said...

I've added it (in a spirit of humble obedience, naturally)!

swissmiss said...


Must be the fire and brimstone that is causing you to stammer.

Your placard will be placed on my blog...way, way off to the right.

Anonymous said...

Please add the following blogs to your banned list:

1)I can't stand uppity Novus Ordo seminarians who think their Church is actually Catholic.
2)Novus Ordo priest. 'Nuff said

paramedicgirl said...

Sir Rev Feeney,, with all due respect, those are really lame penances. You know how us trads love to torture ourselves for spiritual gain. Flogging would barely gain us any heavenly merit. You need the medieval penances. Here's the top ten.

10. Standing barefoot in the snow for hours

9. Skunk hair shirts

8. Scrubbing castle walls with toothbrush

7. Memorizing the "Summa Theologiae"

6. Chewing tinfoil

5. Delivering papal condemnations to Martin Luther

4. Hand copying the entire Bible

3. Wasp licking

2. Anything involving anthills

1. The "thorn paddle"

Hidden One said...

In regards to number 5, I hear there's a Wiccan over a SoV2 busy resurrecting things...