Monday, July 23, 2007

The Power of Christ Compels You!!

Since Fr. Plarvik insists on not letting us perform an exorcism unless it denies the existence of the devil and "respects the deceiver-trickster archetypes of indigenous cultures" (did he learn that line from the late H Robert?), Fr. Heidrich and I will at some point perform a long-distance exorcism, similar to what Pope Pius XII did to Hitler. As one might recall, that did not go so smoothly, so we are giving advanced notice.


XXXXXX said...

There is a sound system out now that is light and very small--thus very hard to find--but it can output sound stronger than any regular speaker. You should have one of the Borgias hide several of these speakers around the grounds of the Spirit of Vatican 2 community. That way, you can broadcast the exorcism all throughout their community, but it will no longer be "long distance", since they can clearly hear the words pronounced.

Agent Smith

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Fr. LeJanvier,
Building on Agent Smith's suggestion, I think my knights and I should ride in upon the mosque here in Memphis and, after converting the Mohammedans, steal the speaker assemblies from their minaret. It be a loud and massive speaker, currently used for the Devil's work, but it can be rehabilated and placed upon the tower of the Chapel (once that most pious edifice be erected).

Then ye could broadcast exorcisms to the entire Knoxville metropolitain region, and have thy sermons about the evils of the Modernists echo from the hills of the Smokies. It should easily reach the heretics' ears at SPV2--and perhaps even the ears of Sr. Fairah!

Anonymous said...

From the comment on the SOV2 website, it looks like you had a successful test with a speaker system for the long-range exorcisms.

Abbie the Albigensian said...

"Father" Plarvik wants you to deny the existence of the devil? What nonsense, of course the devil exists - we Albigensians all know that he created the world.

And as womyn, my sisters and I all realise that he must have done so; the loving Christ the Earth Mother would not have created a world where men could oppress womyn through childbirth.