Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Further Excommunications

My, the interweb is just filled with heresy, isn't it?

The following we condemn with bell, book and candle:
These interweblogs are crafty, looking all Truly Traditional on the outside, but filled with warm and fuzzy Conciliarism on the inside. THE TRULY TRADITIONAL BEWARE!!


Jeffrey Smith said...

Still in that ratty little storefront? No Gothic cathedral yet? Bet you just love those new-fangled fiddlebacks, don't you?

radtradchad said...

As of today, we have raised a whole $102.43 to renovate our Chapel to Gothic splendor. And of course fiddlebacks are SO MUCH NICER than those crazy Post-Vatican II chasubles. What do they call them again?

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

l said...

As a librarian, I am of course thrilled to be on your index.
Joined by my co-conspirators the Canons....I love those NO boys in their cassocks...


Ma Beck said...

They're called "polyester."

And my blog AND my parish both excommunicated on the same day?
That's gotta be a first.

DigiHairshirt said...

What a minute . . . how come both Ma Beck at WorldWideWard and I get excommunicated, but HER parish does as well and lil' ole St. Joseph of Santa Ana - my beloved parish - gets ignored?!?! Hell's bells, I can testify that both of my priests - proud graduates of St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, CA - are thoroughly Novus Ordo and probably as I write this are committing some sort of liturgical abuse (except I expect my pastor doesn't fancy any dance because he's got two left feet, IMHO).

I will not stand for discrimination in excommunication!!

l said...


Please add Mr.Mitsui as one of your "faithful"

Ma Beck said...

I think that the reason Cantius got excommunicated and your parish didn't is that your parish is strictly Novus Ordo, and therefore excommunicated de facto.
Cantius is masquerading as a "Traditional" parish, offering BOTH Masses, with priests that wear cassocks and frequent the confessional. Therefore, they deserve special attention, as they might lead "true" traditionalists astray.
Or am I wrong, Father?

DigiHairshirt said...


But Father Michael St. Paul wears his cassock for special occasions! And we are known to sing the Agnus Dei in Latin!

Good Lord, what's a church to do to get a little derision around here?!

radtradchad said...

I understand everyone's desire to see justice carried out. Unfortunately Modernism is so rampant I simply overlooked many instances. I have devised a plan, however, in order to make reports of heresy more efficient.

Mr. Mitsui's interweblog is interesting. However upon thorough investigation I discovered that he is in fact a conspirator with the aforementioned Canons Regular of St. John Cantius and the Institute of Christ the King.

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Father Tim said...

Hey! No fair! You can't excommunicate these 'blogs because I already banned them. If I ban them, since I banned you, then that means that you must be the same, and you can't excommunicate them if you're the same, right? Except for the Institute and the Canons - you can excommunicate them because I haven't banned them yet. But don't think I'm going to recommend them, because they look like Dissidents Against the Spirit of Vatican II to me.

-Fr. Tim

radtradchad said...

But I thought those interweblogs were just like yours! If I banned them and you banned them, then they must be those REALLY BAD Neo-Caths!

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

Hidden One said...

Reading this, it occurs to me: I can't be excommunicated.

Dead serious. You see, I'd actually have to be in Communion with the Church, and, for now, I'm not, as a covnert-in-progress.

So I think I'll sit back, relax, and plan attendance of my next Novus Ordo Mass.

Have fun trying to rain ecclesiastical vengeance on me.