Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lack of Funds

Hopefully none of you read the SOV2 interweblog, as you would have committed a mortal sin if you did, but IF you did, I need to clarify a few things, lest anyone believe I have been conspiring with heretics. I was NOT planning any sort of "picnic" as Fr. Plarvik suggests. My plans were more along the lines of a coup d'etat while Fr. Plarvik was away so I could sell that horrid building for scrap and use the funds to build our new Chapel. Unfortunately, he refused to give me sole custody of the grounds. I did, however, manage to work out a new fundraising scheme.

We will be holding a bake sale during SOV2's "celebration." Every person will be given a QUOTA of 1200 brownies which must be sold at $5.00 a piece. If one does not sell all their brownies, they MUST purchase the remaining baked goods themselves.

I am REQUIRING all faithful Catholics to attend. I might have difficulty convincing Fr. Heidrich that picnics are not intrinsically evil (though there are plenty of occasions of sin at such festivities and I ask everyone to have custody of the eyes, ESPECIALLY around the labyrinth/main building area)

Meanwhile I have been given an offer by a nice, pious Italian family who may be able to help us in our renovation.


Adrienne said...

Since Father Chad excommunicated me I really had planned on attending this picnic. SOV2 was willing to accept me with open arms and there was a possibility of receiving a “group hug” during the sign of peace. As I stated on SOV2 — I will, however, maintain my modest dress of wool socks, combat boots and ankle length skirt. Maybe it will be an influence for good at my new church.

Rae said...

Well, now I feel a strong urge to visit the SOV2 website and read the post that has made you so defensive...!

And, since your denials have inspired me with curiosity regarding heretical works, I contend that your post is an OCCASION OF MORTAL SIN.

You should feel guilty. Very guilty.