Monday, June 25, 2007

Reinforcements Arrive!

With all the recent excommunications, I do not want people to despair and think ALL the world is in Darkness (though almost all of it is). So today I give you some other Truly Traditional Catholics who share in our cause:
Also Fr. Heidrich has agreed to attend the picnic, under the condition that HE shall bake the brownies to ensure they are not enjoyable and in fact a penance to consume.


Rob said...

I don't know. The SSPI is pretty soft on penance, I hear.

Rae said...

Besides the fundraiser brownies, what else is on the picnic menu, Fr. Heidrich? ...Bread and gruel? Bratwurst and sauerkraut? May we hope for some German beer?

The Real Fathers said...

461 A.D.? Oh my, The Real Fathers will have to reconsider our positions!