Friday, June 22, 2007

Liturgical Abuse!

The above "Mass" is from the Church of St. Agnes in St. Paul, MN. It follows the rubrics of the Novus Ordo. It is only a matter of time before they begin celebrating CLOWN MASSES!

Meanwhile Agent Smith showed me some of the high resolution photographs he has taken of what an SOV2 liturgy is like. It is so horrid I cannot post the details for it is dangerous for the weak of faith (or faint of heart!). Besides, he said they were classified.


swissmiss said...

Tsk, Tsk. You guys only wish you could say a mass like the priests at St. Agnes. It is said with reverence and joy. Ach, das is verboten. Jetzt verstehe ich. Schade.

Father Tim said...

Hey Swissmiss! That's some really cool speaking in tongues you're doing there. You should come over to SOV2's Wedesday Service Night, where there's a lot of speaking in tongues going on. We're also thinking of adding snake handling but Maryann says there's a liability issue.

As to the liturgical abuse, I agree with Fr. Chad on this one. Look at how all those priests have their backs turned on the congregation! Very offensive.

swissmiss said...

Father Tim:
Seems you guys at SOVII and SSPI have a lot in common. I think SSPI might go for the snakes since they are fire and brimstonesque. Maybe you should start some ecumenical talks amongst yourselves. Oh course, being sensitive to not offend on your side and not to compromise on the other.
St. Agnes rocks, dude!

XXXXXX said...

When I showed those to Fr. Heidrich, he started muttering something under his breath in Latin. I think I picked out something like "Anathama seat"--not quite sure what he was talking about, but it sounded very serious.

Agent Smith,
Department of Homeland Security

RT said...

Fr. Lejanvier,

You should begin an evangelical outreach--send out SSLI priests to take over these churches and bring them back into order.


Rev. Fr. Michael said...

Rev. Fr. Anderson is currently on assignment in Iraq working to quash the infidels in the region and bring the entire land back to the one truly true Church. If violently forcing radical Catholicism down the throats of ignorant heathens and slaughtering all those who get in the way (including only a few unfortunate bystanders who were likely nothing more than chaff destined to burn in the fires of Gehenna anyway) is not considered proper “ecumenical outreach”, then I do not know what is.

+ Rev. Fr. Michael A. Heidrich +

Anonymous said...

"As to the liturgical abuse, I agree with Fr. Chad on this one. Look at how all those priests have their backs turned on the congregation! Very offensive"

Very offensive? To whom? Why would anyone turn their back on Christ? And look, they might actually have the tabernacle in the center containing in it the Body of Christ. Or do they not call it that anymore?