Wednesday, June 13, 2007

un petit même

I have been asked to complete a "même" listing what things do not bother me. Fortunately I was not asked for a list of things that do bother me, as that list would be considerably longer. In no particular order:
  1. Latin
  2. Republicans
  3. Holy War
  4. fasting for 40 days
  5. corporal mortification
  6. dissent against Vatican II
  7. suppressed private revelation
  8. censorship
  9. cultural superiority
  10. wearing black in summer
  11. tithing
  12. caesaropapism
  13. sedevacantism
  14. Feeneyism
  15. cheese
  16. scrupulosity
  17. the Spanish Inquisition (NOBODY expected that, right?)
  18. witch hunts
  19. burning heretics
  20. the "Dark Ages"
  21. Mel Gibson

I am fairly sure everything else bothers me.


Joan said...

Mel Gibson doesn't bother me, either. Except by how dreamy he is.

Or is that not what you meant?

Anonymous said...

OK this is funny. Mea Culpa. I was unfair to lump certain people in with the web traddies.

Reen said...

Number 17 is mystical for me. May God bless your work.

RT said...

I'm all about burning heretics, I think that one must be careful and take the time to gather up all of their heretical material to be destroyed with them. A rushed burning can lead to disasters (such as the recent finding of the very heretical "Gospel of Judas"). This also goes well with #8, censorship.
What are the rules for heretic burnings--does a bishop have to supervise, and how many opportunities is the condemned given to recant.

Another thing you should add to the list is hair-shirts--though that probably falls under the corporal mortification category.


DigiHairshirt said...

So true, so true on #19 . . . the heartbreak is that the Dominicans did not burn enough . . .

DigiHairshirt said...

Hairshirts! RT's right . . . the only problem with hairshirts in the past is that there has not been enough variety in style to coordinate with different events/seasons/moods.

Um . . . does cashmere count?