Friday, June 15, 2007

Opus Diabolis

There is so much decadence on television. The only good thing to be found is Steven Colbert. He is the most honest and genuine person in the media. His devotion towards truthiness is applaudable. I would watch him every day except I shot my television set with my AK not too long ago.

Before I shot my television, however, there was a lot of talk about "Opus Dei". At first I was intrigued. Monk-assassins performing mortification until they bleed sounded like an order I could truly go for. But then I was disappointed to find out just how LIBERAL they really are. First of all, they believe that lay people performing earthly occupations can be done as an offering to God. This sounds like some Conciliar idea to me, as if everyone is a priest on some level. Now I have never read any Vatican II documents (it would be sinful for me to do so!), but I know it is heretical based on its fruits. Just look at nearby Spirit of Vatican II "Church"! Vatican II just HAS to be evil!

You also know Opus Dei must be heretical because John Paul II gave them a personal prelature. The last time I tried to get SSLI made a personal prelature, I was shown the door by some Swiss Guards.

Opus Dei has been added to the Index, along with Jane-of-Art (Thank you for the tip, Fr. Heidrich!)

Also all Truly Traditional Catholics MUST avoid the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter! Sure, they LOOK traditional, but they are really Council-loving MODERNISTS!!


Rev. Fr. Michael said...

I am both appalled and enraged, Rev. Fr. LeJanvier, to learn that you own a modernist (and Soviet made nonetheless) firearm such as an AK-47. What is to be next, using mechanical tractors to till the fields in place of HARD MANUAL LABOR? I find it admirable that you have taken up arms against the evils of this sinful world, but you must be careful not to be tempted to take up the devils works in order to combat him. The next time that you feel compelled to blow something to pieces in the name of the truthy truth, please just ask me and I will let you borrow my blunderbuss. If need be, you could always resort to laying down the law with that antique Mauser C96 that I sent to you from the Homeland.

+ Rev. Fr. Michael A. Heidrich +

Father Tim said...

Frankly it doesn't surprise me to see Chad using a machine gun - it just surprises me that he's using a Russian machine gun! Back in seminary he was always complaining about the communists and freemasons. But anyway, it doesn't matter, because when I get elected Bishop, I'm going to shut down this SSLI outpost and excommunicate all of the SSLI radtrad neocaths. You just watch out Chad! Don't think I won't do it!

Fr. Tim

Rob said...

Just so you know, Father LeJanvier, I will be supporting you in the run for bishop, even if you can't be elected licitly.

radtradchad said...

I didn't know it it was made by the SOVIETS! The man who sold it to me simply said it was effective against Infidels. I humbly apologize for the scandal I have caused by supporting EVIL COMMUNISTS whom the Blessed Virgin Mary + Herself condemns so strongly. Nine days wearing the hairshirt for me.

I will have to look into this sede vacante situation in the diocese...

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

RT said...

The comment has been made several times, but that awful hole in the wall you are now using as a sacred space must be remedied. I will begin by donating the first $10 towards adequate stained glass--not much, I know, but the great churches in America have always been funded by the saved pennies from hard-working parishoners--just look at St. Patrick's in NYC. Although run by apostates now, the Church itself in its beautiful Gothic is a splendid contrast to the sins of modernity with its concrete, steel, and glass edifices.


Rae said...

You should warn your readers about the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, which also offers "Indult" Tridentine Masses:

Ma Beck said...

You KNOW the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius (, on your list.