Monday, June 18, 2007

Renovation Preview

I am happy to give all Faithful Catholics a preview of our renovation plans for St. Leo the Great Chapel. I realize it may not be ornate enough for everyone's tastes, but hopefully our humble chapel may be capable of giving glory to Almighty God, nonetheless.


RT said...

Wonderful, Father! This will show all those "Catholics in Name Only" what a Church is supposed to look like.


Rob said...

Yes! This shall an episcopal see of the One, Holy, Roman Catholic Church!

swissmiss said...

This is either going to take a lot of bake sales or bingo nights to finance. Good luck with that!

Christina said...

I just happened to wander by your site and wondered why you'd chosen to use the crypt floor plan for the National Cathedral as your renovation plan. Wouldn't using the plans for a protestant church be inherently evil?

But then again, I'm only familiar with SSPI, your group must be more lenient than they are. Especially considering Leo I came on the scene 300 years after Pius I.

radtradchad said...


We taking back the Gothic style that has been stolen from us! Besides, I am consulting with the architects on customization options.

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI