Monday, June 11, 2007

Where's Fr. Anderson?

Has anyone heard from Fr. Anderson? I know he departed for London on some mission. I thought he said something about hunting vampires before he left, but he has such a one-track mind when he starts reciting Psalms I did not get much information from him.


RT said...

That Church you have there looks like it could use a Gothic face-lift.
Maybe a rose window and some iconography would help. St. John Neumann in the Knoxville area is going through the process of building a new church in the Romanesque style--you should make a trip out there to collect a few ideas for your own mission.


Anonymous said...

June 12:
St John of St Facundo, Hermit Pt of Salamanca, Spain

Sts Basilides, Cyrinus, Nabor and Nazarius, 3rd C.

I have not seen Father Anderson since I dropped by the Rectory to ask him if it would be a sin to wear a mantilla in a blue lace.
(Turns out it would not only be the sin of pride, but could incite lustful feelings in some fellow parishioner, whose sin would then become mine. No, thank you! I'll stick to black!)

Anyway, I will say a Novena to St. Anthony Padua that our dear Pater is soon located.

I must go now. Mary Anne has apparently decided that she and she alone gets the honor of 'playing' Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, and Mary Elizabeth is quite perturbed. Pius, however, simply wishes they would settle things so that he, Joseph, and Benedict could get back to playing Mass.
My domestic church is starting to have quarrels not unlike those occurring in Holy Mother Church thanks to an overabundance of heretics.

Mrs. Patrick Donnelly

radtradchad said...


I share your concerns about the aesthetics of our humble chapel. Unfortunately, the coffers are currently bare as I spent all our funds on that pipe organ (which George still has not managed to reassemble yet).

Mrs. Donnelly,

What a wonderful family you have! Remember to keep imposing vocations on your children.

-Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI